“In This Moment,” by WITS Teacher Marylou Gomez

Last week, WITS Writer Daemond Arrindell shared a powerful poem with us written by Marylou Gomez, his partner teacher at South Lake High School. The whole SAL staff was moved by her words and the purpose they hold.

As we try to balance on the fast-shifting political landscape, it seems more and more necessary, either for solace or self-preservation, to step away from the lives and tasks we inhabit every day, and step into someone else’s perspective. Ms. Gomez says: “In this moment, / I’d rather be a poet than a historian.”

We have many lessons to learn as a country and a community—and sometimes, the best way to make sense of our current situation is to express our feelings in a new way. Ms. Gomez’s words speak for themselves.

In This Moment
(January 21, 2017)

You know I’m not a poet, Daemond.
I don’t even like poetry.
I’m a historian
I think in terms of history lessons.
But, today—
Today, I feel like a poet.

You see, Daemond,
Where I am, I will always be considered

an immigrant
I was born here

an American
But, I will never truly fit in, always to be

an alien—

and, so begins the history lesson.
You see, when the Spanish came and tried to conquer
they accomplished an intermixing and imposed their order, Read more…