“My Music Brings Joy to the World,” by WITS Student Ashutosh Thapa

My Music Brings Joy to the World

Long ago the creator saw
there was only a lot of suffering
and no joy and peace.

This displeased the creator,
so she unlocked her head
and let the joy of the world out,
but only a little, so there would be balance.
The orb of joy
became a flame
and her merman brother
lifted a tower which became
the home of joy.

The heat of the joy-
let it float to the Ottoman Empire.
That flame of joy became me,
the rat who plays the rattlesnake.
With my lunch of a plum,
some soup and croissants.
The lunch I will never eat
because it will fulfill
the hunger of the world.

Ashutosh Thapa wrote this poem while a student at BF Day Elementary School, with WITS Writer-in-Residence Samar Abulhassan. He read “My Music Brings Joy to the World” at our 2017 Words Matter Benefit & Gala on March 23rd at the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle, which raised over $281,000 to inspire readers and writers of all ages.

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